Housing Rehabilitation


Most families across North Carolina are turning up their thermostats to combat dropping temperatures. For low-income families, however, cranking up the heat is not always an option. These families pay 14% or more of their annual incomes for energy compared with only 3.5% for other non low-income families. Unable to pay gaping balances or hefty re-connection fees, some families are considering how they will survive this winter without heat.

The Department of Energy's Weatherization Assistance Program reduces the energy burden on low-income families by installing cost-effective, energy efficiency measures.

Mountain Projects’ Weatherization technicians use computerized energy audits and advanced diagnostic technologies, such as blower doors and duct blasters, to determine the most cost-effective measures for each home. They also assess related health and safety conditions. . After our crews provide services, families experience an average energy use reduction of 20 percent or more. This means that hundreds of dollars are put back in their pockets to buy groceries, visit a doctor, buy medicine, or improve some standard of living.

Serving as the nation's core program for delivering energy efficiency services to low-income households, the Weatherization Assistance Program prioritizes service to the elderly, persons with disabilities, and households with children. The Weatherization Program serves every county in the nation through its network of state and local agencies. This program allows us to help families with income up to 200% of the poverty level. The income limits are listed below.
Weatherization Income Guidelines: 
Family Size 1: 23,340
Family Size 2: 31,460
Family Size 3: 39,580
Family Size 4: 47,700
Family Size 5: 55,820
Family Size 6: 63,940
HARRP Income Guidelines:
Family Size 1: 17,505
Family Size 2: 23,595
Family Size 3: 29,685
Family Size 4: 35,775
Family Size 5: 41,865
Family Size 6: 47,955

Heating and Air Repair and Replacement Program

This program allows us to repair and replace heating systems that are not working. Income guidelines for this program are 150% of the poverty level and they are listed above. This program does not allow us to change your heating system fuel source. Example: If you have oil heat, we must put back oil heat.

Single Family Rehabilitation (SFR)

NC Housing Finance Agency provides the funding for this program. The goal of SFR is to make a long-term positive impact on the state's stock of standard affordable housing by encouraging the comprehensive rehabilitation of existing, moderately-deteriorated, single-family, owner-occupied housing units occupied by lower income (less than 80% area median income) households with one or more elderly or disabled full-time household members or owner-occupied units with lead hazards and a child six years old or younger. All of the counties in the state are on a three year cycle for funding. This means that every three years, money becomes available for each county. Currently we have a grant for Jackson County and are taking applications for homes to be rehabilitated. We have submitted a grant request for Haywood County and hope to have those funds available in 2016.

Urgent Repair

NC Housing Finance Agency also provides funding for this program. The goals of the Urgent Repair Program are: 1) to alleviate housing conditions which pose an imminent threat to the life or safety of very low-income homeowners with special needs; and 2) to provide accessibility modifications and other repairs necessary to prevent the imminent displacement of very low-income homeowners with special accessibility needs, such as frail elderly and persons with disabilities. This program is for homeowners with incomes less than 50% of the median income.

Safe at Home

This program allows us to help clients that are 60 years old or older with repairs to their homes. The repairs are to be items that make the home safer; such as, ramps, grab bars, doors, etc. There are limited funds with this program and we cannot do large jobs such as roofs.
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