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Employee of the Year 2015 Nomination

Person Making Nomination:  Chuck Ney

Nominee:  John Anderson

CDL Manual 023The Nominee was preparing to take his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Exam as required of all Haywood Public Transit (HPT) drivers.  He received training from materials we have used since 2010.  The process for obtaining the CDL has become more difficult and a high percentage of new drivers fail either the written exam or their road test exam on their first and sometimes even upon multiple attempts.  Haywood Public Transit has recognized the need to update these training materials to better assist new drivers successfully obtain their CDL.  The CDL requires a road test that is completed in Asheville and requires a CDL driver in addition to an HPT Vehicle to go with the driver.  This becomes costly in both time and money when multiple attempts have to be made to obtain the required CDL.  The nominee asked many questions about the outdated training material.  I expressed my desire to the nominee to restructure the training materials for the CDL, but at a later date as it would require quite a bit of my time and be very involved.

The nominee said that he was willing to help me accomplish this goal, as it would help him study for his CDL test.  He also suggested having the manual include study material for both the written exam and road test, as he thought it would help driver’s connect the written material to actual driving.  It did not currently exist this way. The nominee was sent electronic copies of the existing training materials and ideas I had, on how to structure the new CDL training manual.  I did not expect the nominee to do much with rewriting the training manual, but thought it would help him study.  Over the course of an entire month he worked on the manual on his own time, included his own ideas, sent several rough drafts by e-mail to me, making many revisions that I asked for without complaint, and structuring it so that pictures and illustrations that didn’t exist before could be added.  As a result of his efforts we have a much improved CDL training manual, organized in a way that makes sense and is presented in a way that simulates the actual CDL tests.   He was the first to use this material and method, passing his own exam on his first attempt.  We have since starting using the training manual he created with other new drivers with positive results.

The nominee leads others by example.  Inspecting buses I have found the nominee’s consistently to be the cleanest of the fleet and it is clear pride is in the work, more so than any other employee at HPT.  His paperwork is complete and makes sure he documents and does things the correct and safest way possible.  Suggestions for improvements with vehicles or operations at HPT are proactive and offered in a constructive manner instead of just complaining about the problem.  For example, He removed a nonslip tread that had come up and was a tripping hazard to passengers, before anyone fell.  He immediately notified HPT so the bus could be taken out of service and repaired.  I asked the nominee once what motivates him to do this and he told me that it is “To make work (HPT) the best and most professional transit organization in the state of North Carolina.”  Additionally I have since seen multiple times the nominee’s willingness to help, going above and beyond what is required without anyone asking him to do so.  For Example, one summer day we had driver’s wash their assigned bus between client pickups.  The nominee not only washed his assigned bus, but assisted several other drivers washing their bus as well that day.  While witnessing this task and others the nominee always seems to have fun, a smile on his face, humor, boundless energy and positive attitude that brightens other people’s day and spreads to others at work. 

This is why I think the nominee deserves to be the 2015 employee of the year.


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